9 Tricks To Save Money While On Vacation

August 19, 2023

9 Tricks To Save Money While On Vacation

Vacation is one of the most exciting times of the year! Summer time is upon us and that means many of us will be hitting the road for some well-deserved vacation time. However, even if you're on a tight budget, there are ways to enjoy yourself without overspending. Whether you are traveling to seethe clear blue waters of the Caribbean, exploring the castles of Europe, going on an African safari, or headed down under to see the kangaroos in Australia, there are tips and tricks that you can deploy to save money without drastically impacting the quality of your vacation. A dollar saved is a dollar that can be used for a whole different purpose- maybe even towards funds for your next vacation. Here are 9 tips to help you save money while still having a great time on your next trip. Happy travels!


1.      Go to the local market and buy food. Eating out at a restaurant for every meal can be quite expensive. Use your hotel fridge to your advantage. If it fits into your itinerary, take time to eat your lunch at a lookout point where you can see the waves crashing onto the rocks. Sometimes the best memories can be found in the simplest moments.


2.      If you are taking an airplane to get to your destination, pack light! Do your research to find out baggage charges. Some airline companies allow for one suitcase without a charge, while others do not. The price of checked bags really adds up. If you have a short trip and are able to fit your items into a carry on, you may be able to avoid checked luggage fees.


3.      When booking your trip, set your filter to include lodging with breakfast included. Not only are you saving money by eating a breakfast that is provided, but you will save time in your day by not having to search for a restaurant. You can get a cup of coffee to go too. Enjoy the little pleasures in life.  


4.      If you are traveling abroad, make sure you have planned currency exchange. Best advice is to exchange before you leave to get the best rate available as opposed to being at the mercy of the foreign bank. It is also advisable to carry a prepaid Visa Card to avoid ATM withdrawal fees.


5.      Buy less souvenirs. Yes, it is nice to have a memoir of your trip, but maybe skip on an item that will only clutter your home or on an item that the baby will outgrow in one month. Spend your cash wisely and remember the pictures you take will help the memories to live on forever. You could even turn your pictures into a souvenir for a quarter of the price of the souvenir you were planning to buy. Perhaps you could create a favorite coffee mug as a birthday gift for your travel partner by placing pictures of your best memories on it with the name of the place you visited!


6.      Flying during off peak times can save you money on vacation. Consider flying early in the morning or late at night to get the best deals. You can also save by flying mid week, when many people are at work and not traveling. Also, avoid travel near holiday times as you will find higher prices due to people taking advantage of extra time off of work.


7.      One of the best ways to save while traveling is by using a travel rewards credit card. You get points for  purchases you make and can redeem them for flights and hotels. Why not get rewarded for traveling?


8.      Set a daily budget while traveling. Like this, you will not exceed your spending limitations. Instead of eating at the fancy restaurant for dinner, you may need to shuffle your plans. For example, maybe you should have a pizza picnic at the local park. You never know, it could even turn into a more memorable experience as you might actually get to engage in adult conversation with your spouse while your kids run and play on the playground equipment.


9.      It's always better to book your accommodations early, so try checking out the rates on different sites and make sure you're getting a good deal. This is the same for amusement park passes or admissions to museums. If a museum offers ‘free on Mondays’ plan this into your travel itinerary. Finding opportunities like this will require that you spend time doing your ‘homework’, but it will be well worth it when you find the discounts and bargains by taking time to plan ahead!



Now that you know these hacks, go out and have some fun! Don’t forget to use the extra money you saved to do something really special with your loved ones or to start saving for your next vacation. Wishing you the best time on your up and coming adventure!