7 Best Financial Dividend Stocks to Invest

August 19, 2023

If you're looking for reliable and profitable stocks, look no further than these seven financial dividend stocks! The financial sector is one of the most important parts in any economy. It provides services to commercial and retail customers, such as loans or mortgage payments; this includes banks with their investments for companies that provide insurance policies and real estate mortgages. There are many profitable financial companies that are publicly traded and provide dividend returns for investing within the company. By offering the dividend payout, the company draws more investors and the investee benefits by gaining passive income.

1- JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a Fortune 500 company that has been doing business for over 160 years, and it's still going strong! The Company operates in four segments: investment banking; financial services such as lending or investing money with them (they also offer other types of insurance); asset management which manages risks from investments into assets like stocks etc., lastly there’s their Corporate Department - this includes revenue generation strategies.

At 2.67%, it provides a good return with the notion that you are invested in a company that has been profitable for over a century and a half.

2- CME Group Inc (CME)

CME Group is a company that offers products in many different asset classes. They offer futures, options, and OTC trading for interest rates; equity indexation including the S&P 500 Index as well foreign exchange (FX) agricultural commodities energy metals.

CME Group offers a good return of 1.5%. It is a solid business that is a rock within a volatile market.

3- Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS)

The Company operates in four business segments: Investment Banking, Global Markets, Asset Management and Personal Financial Services. The Goldman Sachs Group has been around since 1998 when it first opened its doors to the public market. It was founded by Marcus Goldman who later partnered with friend Henry Paulson under whose guidance they created one of Wall Street's most iconic banks – Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs yields a return of 2.20%. It is a leading company within the financial sector that has proven high growth and stable revenue.

4- BlackRock, Inc. (BLK)

BlackRock is one of the largest investment firms in America. The company has over $4 trillion under management and provides diverse solutions for both active investors looking to take advantage from market movements or those who would like more stable returns with lower risk profiles - all through their optimized portfolio construction process.

BLK offers 2.05% dividend return and broad exposure to the market as it has holdings in many markets.

5- Morgan Stanley (MS)

Morgan Stanley is a solid financial company that provides a variety of products and services to customers, including corporations, governments, financial institutions, and individuals. Its segments include Institutional Securities, Wealth Management, and Investment.

MS yields a generous return of 2.68% and offers potential for high growth in the financial sector.

6- Discover Financial Services (DFS)

Discover Financial Services is a company that has two segments: digital banking and payment services. It is based in the United States. The Digital Banking segment offers Discover-branded credit cards to individuals; and other consumer products and services, including loans and other consumer lending, as well as deposit products, such as certificates of deposit, money market accounts, IRA certificates of deposit, IRA savings accounts, checking accounts, and sweep accounts.

DFS has a 1.64% yield. It is a well-known company that many people carry in their wallet. The company will benefit from the speculated rate hike. This company is a good growth stock as well.

7- Metlife Inc (MET)

MetLife, Inc. MET provides insurance, annuities, employee benefits and asset management services. The Company's segments are global that include U.S.; Asia; Latin America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and MetLife Holdings.

MET is one of the nation's leading insurance organizations and offers a 2.8% return.